quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

A lot of Mistakes!!!!

I have to confess one thing, and I will try to write this so fast, to those thought o those do not disappear from my mind

The point is that, every single day, my days without is harder and worth, like I've never felt something like that before.

Why I'm writing in a foreing language? Well, I really don't know.

Like I wrote on my lastest posts, I live in two ways.

The first one, is me, Fernando, 21 years old now, that want more than he can give, and dream to be notice by the world. The other me, had no name, no Id, no P.O. Box, just live in the deepest and darkest part of me. I don't know where it can be, but he still live in there.

Everyday I try to find any ways to say a simple hi, but i afraid of everuthing that this simple hi came like a gift.

Now, Celine Dion in on.

I don't know why!

Now, I found someone, that makes me laugh on my sad days.

But he don't makes me laght like you do

he don't don't makes me mad like you used to do

he don't say that love me, but now I had a conclusion about everything that happend to me.

We were so perfect from each other,

We were so happy, we felt so fullfill when we were together

and when I saw you going away from me, I really get mad!

The trust...

Thsi word never exist in my dictcionary, acctually, it does, but I deleted.

So, tomorrow I have a date.

I like him, he likes me.

I don't know if this new relationship gonna work, but I have to try.

The point is...

Is not that I can't live without... In fact I can, I just don't want to.


A part of me that still love more than everything on earth!

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