sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2009

From:Me To: My Tiny Baby

My tiny baby, how's you going?
Well, I'm fine but I've read some of your mentals notes loool, and I'm sad now.
What happend to you? Are you feeling that your world is almost gone? Are you ok?
Oh my darlin... Between those things that I hate, the most is see you cry or something that make you fell down.
You're the most beatiful thing that happened in my whole life, like a bird you makes me fly away, to the highest mountain, just to make me feel how good is the view, to feel the wind passing between my fingers.

Now, I've hearded our song, not that song, but other song that say almost the same thing.
This is just a bad day... And I know that you're stronger than this feeling, and you know that too.

A week later we're together and for me that week was the most perfect week ever. We didn't made extraordinary things, but just bein' together with you, was enough for me!

Like you know, to write is not the one of the best things that I do, so...the letter stops here.
My heart is always with you, and when you feel alone, don't worry, I'll be right next to you, believe me... I love you more than everything on earth, And I'll gave up all those things just to be by your side.

I'm your friend, I'm your safe shoulder, I'm your love.
I want you, I admire you, I LOVE YOU!

" Don't worry about a thing....
'Cause every little thing its gonna be Alright..."

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